Sometimes we are blessed with some babies from some of our animals. Re-homing fee of the babies assists us in the care of the rest of our animals. If you have a question about a specific animal, please feel free to reach out to us!

Patagonian Cavy: $400(F), $350(M)

Silkie Mix Chicks: $15  each

Pygmy Hedgehogs – Males $150, Females: $175

Degus: Normal & Pied Colorations Available, Varying Ages from Baby to Sub Adult. Normals: $15, Pieds: $20, B1G1. Blues currently sold out.

Spiny Mice: Varying Ages from Baby to Sub Adult. $10 each, quantities available for reduced rate

Guinea Pig, Abyssinian & Silkies: $25 each or 2 for $40

Short Tail Opossums: Males: $150, Females: $200

Lion Head Cross Rabbits: Males & Females available, $20 each

Honduran Walking Sticks/Stick Bugs: $10 for a juvenile, minimum 3



Duprasi: (Fat Tailed Gerbil)

Pygmy Mice: *Only Sold in Pairs*

Bennets Wallaby: Currently in pouch

Mongolian Gerbils: Currently 2 litters, still young.


Skinny Pig: Females: $125, Males: $100(Starting at). SOLD, Please contact to be added to waiting list

Mini Pot Belly Pigs: SOLD, 2 Litters Planned for Early Fall, Please contact to be added to waiting list

Pygmy Goat Babies: SOLD, Not planning anymore babies until next Spring

Baby Doll Lambs:  SOLD, No more babies until next year

Hairless Rats: SOLD


***Please note, We are a USDA and DEC licensed facility***